TheYogiMatt – Workshop Weekend Berlin – 01.-03.03.2024

Meet the great Matt Giordana aka TheYogiMatt in our Studio in Schöneberg!

We are very excited to welcome TheYogiMatt to our studio in March 2023! Matt has a very special way of explaining yoga asanas. He loves technique and anatomy and really helps his students to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in their bodies during a pose. Matt Giordano spent 7 years developing his teaching style while living and teaching in Manhattan. Matt now travels internationally to teach his signature technique-based style of yoga, educating yoga students on how to use their bodies in a profound and life-changing way. Well known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and precise action cues, Giordano is an adept guide for students of all levels at festivals, workshops, and in his weekly studio classes. His study of biomechanics and integrative mind-body techniques informs his teaching, as he draws upon wisdom from traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwon Do), acrobatics, AcroYoga, and Thai Yoga Massage. Matt is known to inspire humble confidence, allowing students to find ease while expanding the edge of their comfort zones.

In 2016, Matt created and founded an international school of yoga that focuses on community, growth and authentic teaching, and he hosts trainings each year out of his home in northwest Connecticut. You want to get to know Matt better? Check his homepage:

TheYogiMatt Workshop Weekend, March 1-3, 2024


Friday, 1.3.24, 18.30 – 21.00h: Handstand – The three Secrets

Learning to handstand is a process, abundant with discovery and amazement. Whether this is your first inversion workshop or you are well versed in the art of handstands, brace yourself as we delve into alignment, work toward mastery of the shoulder girdle, and explore acrobatic principles so you can build confidence and manifest a greater sense of balance. You will learn exercises that unify body and mind to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of standing on your hands. As a group we will create a safe and transformative space that will be appropriate and for all levels of practice. Take your handstand practice to the next level! 
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Saturday 2.3.24, 10.00 – 12.30h: Hips – Align – Refine – Release

This highly informative and rigorous practice will help you expand your body awareness, increase your strength and maximize your flexibility. Through targeted muscle engagements and joint alignments you will learn how to change the way you sit, stand, move, and practice yoga. This class will empower and inform you on the necessary techniques that create long lasting changes in your body. 
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Saturday 2.3.24, 14.00 – 16.30h: Arm balances – Flying Hip Opener

Arm balances are some of the most fun, exciting, and challenging poses of the yoga practice. Most also require flexible hips—a place many of us have tightness. Don’t let that deter you from starting arm balance practice now. Finding hip flexibility is more than simply stretching and waiting to achieve the elasticity we desire. With Matt, we explore techniques to find our fullest range of motion through optimal skeletal alignment and muscular engagement for deep, isometric hip strengtheners. We will also develop a true sense of our core and how its location, stability and strength relate to our arms and hips. Get ready to sweat, fly, and go deeper in your body in a way that is safe, healthy and absolutely powerful.
(all levels)
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Sunday 3.3.24, 10.00 – 12.30h: Journey to Bliss

A full spectrum yoga class utilizing Asana, Breathwork and Meditation to get back to that experience we all know and love, “Bliss”. This workshops is perfect for you if you are wanting the full experience of yoga for the body, breath, mind, and soul. We will explore what the yogis call “The Koshas”, translated as the 5 Sheaths or 5 layers of self starting with the outermost known as the physical “Anamaya Kosha” or directly translated as the “food body”. And working our way inward to the inner most layer “Anandamaya Kosha”, Bliss. 
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Sunday 3.3.24, 14.00 – 16.30h: Shoulder Relevation 

Regain strength, flexibility and mobility of your shoulders. This eye opening workshop is designed to bring clarity to the complex dance between the muscles, bones and joints of the shoulders in order to improve and advance your yoga practice. 
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Location: yfd Studio Schöneberg
Single workshop ticket: 65 Euro 
Workshop Weekend ticket: 280 Euro (Early Bird until 1.12.2023, after 1.12.23 300 Euro)
Cancelation policy
– until 1.1.24 100% reimbursement
– until 1.2.24. 50% reimbursement
No reimbursements after February 1st, 2024. 
For Workshop Weekend ticket cancelations policy applies only, if all single workshop dates are canceled within time.
– bis 1.1.24 100% Rückerstattung
– bis 1.2.24 50% Rückerstattung
Nach dem 1.2.2024 ist keine Rückerstattung mehr möglich.
Die Stornierungsregelung für die Workshop Weekends gelten nur, wenn alle einzelnen Workshop-Termine rechtzeitig abgesagt werden.
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